Possible Group


Possible Group is a group of creative agencies with digital heart that care about results.

Being a part of advertising holding Possible Worldwide, we unite local expertise and network opportunities, outrunning the market in creative and strategic solutions for our clients.

Every day for 15 years more than 150 professionals at Possible Group provide creative digital world-class solutions, focused on high-quality promotion campaigns for our customers.

In 2002, when Russian online advertising was still in its infancy, Grape advertising agency was started in Moscow. After 10 years — in 2012 — creative agencies Hungry Boys and Possible Moscow were founded based on Grape. In the same year all three agencies joined POSSIBLE Worldwide, owned by WPP.

Today Possible Group is the 1st digital-agency according to the АКАR and Tagline and, besides, is one of the top 10 creative agencies in Russia. Still we do not rest on our laurels and strive to make Russian creative thought popular throughout the world.

  • Strategy

    Systematic and complex approach to communication with a consumer in the interactive media environment

  • Creative

    Search for new and extraordinary communicative solutions at the junction of technologies and PR

  • Production and service

    Talent search and involvement for idea realization to make the brand always stay satisfied

  • Long term communication

    Going back to advertising roots - the brand is perceived as a symbol and a solution for a human vital problem

Today Possible Group is the 1st digital agency according to Tagline rating, and is also one of the TOP-5 creative and digital agencies according to AKAR. Still we do not rest on our laurels and strive to make Russian creative thought popular throughout the world.

Our Clients

Our clients are large corporations and small start-ups, world famous brands and new names in the Russian market.

Our Team

We want the Russian advertising industry to grown up and developed by young talented people. That is why our team get only the most creative and energetic staff who love their work.

  • Vlad Sitnikov
  • Andrey Vinograd
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Alexandra Ivanova
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mikhail Geysherik
    Chief Integration Officer
  • Maryam Akhunova
    Chief Creative Officer
  • Vladimir Garev
    Chief New Business Officer
  • Tat'yana Tikhonova
    Chief Financial Officer


  • Address
    115191, Moscow, Kholodilny Pereulok,
    3/1 b. 8
  • Phone
    +7 (499) 951-50-65
  • Email
    To order a development of an advertising campaign
  • new@grape.ru