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For «City XXI century» (Moscow developer) we created a series of unusual OOH-posters designed in the style of computer games popular among children and teenagers.


An outdoor yard is no longer a place for games. It is an unfriendly and dangerous environment. Our kids have «virtual childhoods» devoid of joy and discoveries of a real life. We ourselves give them tablets and put them in front of a computer because it’s much calmer and safer this way.


«Colours of Life» is a residential complex with safe yards created specifically for children. In «Colours of Life» neighbourhood kids will have a real childhood, full of real experience – without computer games and consoles. The campaign was based on the childhood games of modern parents: zarnitsa game, war games, cops and robbers and others. We’ll show that for children living in this neighbourhood, compared to their peers, Angry Birds will turn into a real-life game of Dodge Ball.


Сити XXI век
  • Brand Manager Dmitryi Zavartsev
Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Artem Filimonov
  • Art Directors Anton Vodogreev, Roman Antonov
  • Strategist Pavel Katkov
  • Creative Liudmila Kulibaba, Galina Belozerova
  • Account Director Inna Kovaleva