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A Regular Weapon

Together with Greenpeace Russia we launched a campaign to encourage Russians to give up disposable plastic.


Show that plastic bags and straws can became a weapon in the hands of ordinary people and that’s why their usage should be restricted.


Plastic bags, cups, straws and other disposables are a weapon of mass destruction. Disposable plastic is everywhere and its usage is constantly growing. It turns into waste, pollutes the environment and harms its inhabitants. It is the reason why millions of sea birds die each year, as well as more than 100 000 see mammals. Despite all of this, disposable plastic is easily available whereas actual weapons are strictly regulated.


A machine gun-like weapon made of disposable plastic appears in a gun shop. Different people visit it looking for a suitable weapon. There’s one that fits everyone’s needs — the one that can be used to “even get a whale”: it’s a “machine gun” created out of disposable plastic items and packaging that are the most frequent environment pollutants.


Possible Group
  • CCO Vlad Sitnikov
  • Creative Directors Artem Filimonov, Maryam Akhunova
  • Creative Marat Arutunov, Mikhail Sinelshchikov, Yuri Korobov, Dmitriy Losev
  • Art Directors Wanslez Quaresma, Alena Morozova
  • Head of Video Production Olga Rostotskaya
  • Video Producers Natalia Kasumovich, Olga Nikolich
  • Senior Account Manager Daria Mansurova
Bureau «Working Title»
  • Director Anastasia Antonova
  • Director of Photography Andrey Skripnik
  • General Producer Igor Saifullin
  • 1st AD Anna Pischasova
  • Executive Producers Ekaterina Panasenko, Ekaterina Galanina
  • Art Director Alexandra Troitskaya
  • Video Editing Alexandr Butov, Ivan Dorogavtsev
  • Color Correction Ivan Dorogavtsev
  • Sound Editing Andrey Kashin