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Advertising Moms

We released an actual children’s book with characters that any parent from advertising can relate to. It will be a good time to finally explain to your kids what it is that you’re doing at work.


We noticed that in children’s books mothers usually don’t work, dedicating themselves to household chores, or if they do work, they most often end up being teachers. We decided to change this unfair perception and show the life of a family where the mom works in digital! The book’s main characters are mothers who can build the tallest Lego tower during a conference call. Mothers who can push a stroller while answering 10 messages at the same time on Telegram and talking with their kids about what’s going on around them. These are mothers who organise focus groups at home and take their kids to photo shoots. The book also contains recommendations by a clinical psychologist and cognitive and behavioural therapist Alina Kostova. We also created a vibrant website for the project — — where users could leave requests for the book or simply read its digital version.


Possible Group
  • Digital Director Alisa Zadorozhnaya
  • Creative Director Maryam Akhunova
  • Art Director Igor Smirnov
  • Head of Digital Production Sergey Mikhaltsov
  • Digital Producer Maria Vorobieva
  • Illustrator Polina Parygina
  • Clinical Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Alina Kostova
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