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Approved by Russians

For Burger King we made a video dedicated to the launch of the Egg-burger on the Russian market.


To tell consumers about this new product launch by Burger King and to show how a “real beef burger” should look like.


Russian people are considered to be reserved and sullen, it is difficult to surprise them or make them smile. In this video we wanted to play around with that stereotype.


We wanted to emphasise that such an unusual product has been created specifically for the Russian market and Russian customers. The video takes place in a secret Burger King base where American “burger” agents spend their days and nights trying to create a special Russian burger. And they test it on the toughest and fussiest of us, seeing whether this new product will be able to make us show any kind of emotions.


Possible Group
  • Creative Director Maryam Akhunova
  • Senior Creative Svetlana Trifonenkova
  • Head of Strategy Dmitry Voskresensky
  • Strategist Anna Topkova
  • Account Director Anastasiya Gorshkova
  • Account Manager Zhanna Demchenko