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AXE Anarchy Island

The new AXE ANARCHY deodorant is created exclusively for courageous and extraordinary people. This is the first fragrance of the brand with a line for her, and we have told millions of guys and girls about its arrival to Russia with the help of an interactive campaign of unbelievable reach.


To attract audience’s attention to the new AXE product series – AXE ANARCHY deodorants for men and women.


At the beginning of 2014 we launched a major social network campaign. Viral videos, special projects, a banner devoted to the St. Valentine’s Day on the YouTube homepage, massive media support prefaced a long-awaited summer Anarchy Island promo campaign. An interactive website of the project, dozens of wiki posts and an effective video announcement drew attention of thousands of visitors.


Max and Kate organized video reports right from the Anarchy Island. 15 episodes of the new video show format increased the audience of the brand’s YouTube channel by 6 times. Google Hangouts and Post ads services were also used as effective promo platforms.

Moreover, in July we published the very first YouTube interactive banner in Russia to support the campaign. Every video hosting user could take a beach selfie using a web cam on the website homepage. The pictures could be viewed in a special gallery on the promo website.



  • 575586
    Launching campaign LoveRevolution video
  • 1068106
    Breaking News viral video
  • 4%
    Masthead on February 14 - maximum CTR
  • 2264199
    AXE Anarchy Island video announcement
  • 200000
    Wiki posts in social networks
  • 280000
    Promo website was visited
  • 70000
    YouTube channel audience increased by
  • 1000200
    3 hangouts with Max and Kate (Google Hangouts)
  • 4500000
    views 15 episodes of YouTube video show



Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Copywriter Arthur Miroshnichenko
  • Producer Pavel Okishev
  • Art Director Sergey Andronov
  • Art Director Dmitriy Maximov
  • Designer Anna Komarova
  • Motion Designer Sergey Yumakov
  • Senior Account Manager Ekaterina Zagorodnyaya
  • Social Media Manager Yevgeniy Grekov
  • Senior Creator Mariam Akhunova
  • Junior Creator Svetlana Trofinenkova
  • Junior Account Manager Borgardt Kristina
  • Brand team Anastasiya Zaitova
  • Brand team Aram Danielian
  • Brand team Eduard Ermakov
  • Senior Account Manager Alina Voloshina
  • PR Director Serafima Gurova