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Beeline Bot

Special for the Beeline brand, we have launched the first bot in Russia that interacts with the NTechLab photo facial recognition technology. The bot was presented at the main musical event of the year – electronic music festival Alfa Future People 2016.


The bot was designed to help Alfa Future People guests memorize fantastic moments. It offers a high-accuracy facial recognition and finds all AFP guests’ photos among millions taken by other people. The bot was performing a real-time search of each and every person and then was sending to participants their unforgettable festival shots taken by professional photographers. Thus, thanks to “Beeline”, participants were able to conjure up their pleasant and colorful experiences from Alfa Future People not only by scrolling through their fantastic photos, but also by sharing them with the whole world on social networks.


To participate, a visitor had to take a photo of oneself and send this image to the chatbot that was operating in the official Beeline group on VKontakte social network. All pictures taken by professional photographers during AFP 2016 festival were uploaded to the common storage of the event. The program found images of a particular person in a few seconds, sweeping aside other people’s photos, and sent them as a message on social networks.


12 thousand requests were made
During the festival, 10 thousand selfies were sent to the bot
Over 30 thousand photos were sent using the bot



Hungry Boys
  • Head of SMM Maksim Fedorov
  • Head of client services group Veronika Yukalova
  • Project Manager Pavel Kreis
  • Idea Valeriy Volchetskiy