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Beware of Bots

Inspired by Isaac Asimov’s “First Law of Robotics”, which states: a robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm, we have created a bot to help humans with their professional survival.


To tell about new Skillbox UX Design course, created with Michael Janda, author of “Burn Your Portfolio”.


Research has shown that over 80% of white collar workers such as accountants and auditors will lose their jobs by 2024. They will be replaced by artificial intelligence. Creative professions, on the other hand, are safe. For instance, designers.


We created IIBA (It_Is_Bot_Alarm) to warn people of impending danger. Our bot uses the open API of – the world’s first “Internet of Things” search engine – to find printers connected to the world wide web via 9100 ports. Once an open port is discovered – the message is sent to print. Inspiring people to start learning design right here, right now. After all, there is not much time left.


  • Director Oleg Pesochinsky
  • Camera / Editing Timur Khamidulin
  • Sound Mixing / Mastering Kirill Kosobok
  • Producer Victoria Sysoeva
Possible Group
  • CCO Vlad Sitnikov
  • Creative Director Artem Filimonov
  • Art Director Fedor Nozdrin
  • Producers Ksenia Boyarkina, Rezeda Lutfullina
  • Music Konstantin Novikov
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