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The project was launched in partnership with the charitable foundation of Anna Chapman “The right to smile” in the hope of making this world a little bit easier for everyone.


Objective: to change the perception of blindness. Challenge: to communicate how it feels to be blind. Concept: to give people an opportunity to experience what it is like to be blind by themselves. We created a game for people to play blindfolded — although temporarily — to find what it’s like to get around the city.


To give everyone an opportunity to experience what the world feels like in the dark. Strategy: To collect ideas on how to make the life of blind people in Russia better call people to action 1. Envelopes with black bandages and a call to go out and experience the world like a blind person does were sent to the people connected with creative work. 2. A virtual environment was created, where everyone could experience the world blind children live in. To attract more attention of the chief creative officers and editors of the leading media to the issue we sent black bandages with a proposal to try and use it performing the most ordinary daily activities.

The awareness campaign (you are blind) was directed to the creative people, to make them experience how it is to be blind in Russia and motivate them to provide essential solutions.


Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Creator Daria Mingalieva
  • Art Director Alexey Nikolaev
  • Producer Nadezhda Golubtsova
  • Designer Hamza Kadyrov
  • Copywriter Natalia Varguleva
  • Creative Director Oleg Zhdanov
  • R&D Coder Vladimir Seregin
  • Project Manager Roman Konukhov
  • Flash Yuri Selin
  • Copywriter Misha Koroteev, Alexey Sobolev
  • Director Alexey Sobolev
  • Cameraman Eugeniy Gubrenko
  • Installation / Sound Design Mikhail Koroteev
  • Executive Producer Anna Soboleva
  • Producer Tatiana Tchaikovskaya
  • Production Manager Boris Petrenko