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Bright News

Together with the telecom operator «Vympelcom» (the «Beeline» brand) we launched a web application «Bright news».


To motivate the young subscribers to use mobile Beeline Internet, showing its opportunities and availability. To demonstrate how easily one can use daily unlimited mobile Beeline Internet (paying only on the day when the user goes on the Internet)


Nowadays everyone wants to learn first about the most interesting and important news. The Internet in large cities has already become the main assistant in it, including the young users of mobile phones. Unfortunately, in many parts of the country Wi-Fi network and smartphones are not so widely spread. Moreover, there is a barrier in surfing the mobile Internet via regular mobile phones because of its high cost and slow connection.


«Bright news» is a branded application on a social network «Vkontakte», which selects the most interesting content and alerts the user about it by SMS. Using a special algorithm, the application selects the brightest and the most discussed news from the selected friends. The user receives an SMS-message with their friend’s name, a piece of news a link to the mobile Internet, where the user can read the whole news


Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Creative Konstantin Kuprianov, Ksenia Apresian
  • Producer Viktor Kozlov
  • Design Nazir Khasavov, Julia Balabanova
  • Account Liubov Chubataya
  • Digital Manager Elena Simkina
  • Media Manager Andrey Skripkin