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Together with Garage Hard Drink we launched a new campaign. It starred Slava KPSS (aka Gnoynyi, Sonya Marmeladova, Valentin Dyadka and his other pseudonyms).

In the video Slava, wearing an astronaut suit, flies over California coast gathering locals and calling on to others to join them. His transport is a self-moving yellow sofa.


Tell consumers about Seth & Riley’s Garage beer drinks.


Chill is something you can’t explain, you can only feel it. And we believe that anyone has a right to chill, even the most efficient people on the planet (and in space). Today everyone is talking about productivity so we need someone who would say: “Stop working. Start chilling!” and would hand you a bottle of Garage, right from the fridge.


  • Senior Marketing Director Ekaterina Potokina
  • Senior Brand Manager Alexandra Sadovnikova
  • Brand Manager Yana Chigogidze
Possible Group
  • CCO Vlad Sitnikov
  • Creative Director Oleg Palchinsky
  • Creative Lyudmila Kulibaba, Alexandr Dobrokotov
  • Head of Production Olga Rostotskaya
  • Producer Natalia Kasumovich
  • Head of Strategy Anna Topkova
  • Account Director Anastasiya Gorshkova
  • Account Manager Angelina Vatlina
Pacific Film
  • Director Egor Abramenko
  • Music Slava KPSS, Ivan Nazarov