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Color Academy

Color Academy is an online platform for women who want to have a perfect hair color. Simple, clear and affordable coloring is every woman’s dream. Together with Garnier we made this dream come true.


To draw target audience’s attention to the new Color Naturals products’ series from Garnier brand. To prove that hair coloring can be simple, clear and affordable.


We have created an interactive website, where everyone can get individual coloring recommendations for free. It is also possible to ask an expert any questions from this sphere or watch a series of video tutorials about changing your hair tone at home. Other than this, there was organized an online 4 Color Naturals Muses contest that symbolized 4 basic hair color types and 4 seasons. Any woman could upload her picture and become one of the four lucky dogs whose photos would be published in Cosmopolitan, Domashniy Ochag, Lisa and Dobrye Sovety magazines in September and October. The winners were chosen both by the website visitors and special jury that was appointed by the organizers.    


Hungry Boys
  • Account Director Lyubov Chubataya
  • Account Anna Tsynker
  • Art Director Sergey Andronov
  • Design Ilya Shakirov
  • Producer Kseniya Kireyeva
  • Creative Konstantin Kupriyanov
  • Creative Ksenia Apresyan