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Death Mortal Conference

To promote Digital Marketing Conference 2019 we developed a survival shooter where users could not only get rid of annoying speakers that move from one festival to another but also win a ticket to DMC.


To use game mechanics to promote the conference and increase ticket sales.


The audience has had enough of Russian speakers who keep presenting the same information over and over again, and that’s why DMC has assembled its own unique line up of international experts and stars of the industry.


We created a third person online shooter where users would fight real, well-known, easily recognisable and really annoying local marketing stars who go from conference to conference repeating the same topics and phrases. The main goal of the game was to survive and to get the maximum amount of points that would convert into a discount for conference tickets. We had been expecting criticism and comments so we decided to invite Aleksey Mikhailov (КРЕАТИN on advertising and marketing forums, a frequent participant in industry-related discussions) to test the alpha version of the game.


Possible Group
  • CCO Vlad Sitnikov
  • Creative Director Artem Filimonov
  • Creative Marat Arutyunov, Nicole Antonyan
  • Game Design and Development Artem Vodolazhsky
  • Art Director Fedor Nozdrin
  • Technical Director Dmitry Mikhailov
  • Sound Design / Composer Alexander Butov
  • Motion Design Andrey Geraskin, Tatyana Simonenko
  • PR Valeria Mamaeva