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Dog Dating

We launched an innovative social project – Dog Dating, with the help of which potential volunteers who want to help canine shelters in Russia and Ukraine can get acquainted and make friends.


To draw the youth’s attention to a non-obvious problem – helping abandoned animals.


Dogs who have lost their homes lack attention and affection. They become sad and withdrawn. Such a dog has practically no chance to find a new family. When they get to shelters, it becomes even more difficult to receive some human warmth and attention. The shelter staff does not have enough time to spend walking with each pet. People don’t usually go to such shelters because they think that it obliges them to take one of the dogs. Sometimes they don’t want to go there alone.


Dog Dating is a service that allows you to find company for walking with dogs from a shelter. The mechanics of the site are simple: you register using your social network account, choose one of fifty dogs you want to walk with, see who else wants to be its friend and go on a joint trip to the shelter. Thus, the dog receives much needed human attention, and people get new acquaintances and amazing emotions.


  • Creative Director Vladimir Garev
  • Creative Director Artem Tsaregorodtsev
  • Creative Nikolay Pruzhinin
  • Art Director Alexey Fetisov
  • Producer Anton Kopylov
  • Producer Alexey Kosilin
  • Project Manager Yegor Reznikov
  • PR Manager Rusina Lekuh
  • Copywriter Natalia Varguleva
  • Copywriter Olesya Velikanova
  • SMM Vitaly Akulov
  • SMM Daria Lukinskaya
  • Video Production