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Don’t look for symptoms, consult a specialist

Due to the low quality of free healthcare in Russia, people sometimes don’t have any other option but to resort to self-treatment and in the end do more harm than good. Moreover, the majority doesn’t even consider private clinics as an alternative because of a number of different reasons.
Together with Medsi, a private clinic chain, we launched a campaign where we asked people to consult professionals rather than to try and treat themselves. The campaign included city formats, billboards and radio.


To inform consumers that Medsi is where you can find the most qualified professionals for your health.


Each pharmaceutical services and products ad is legally bound to have a warning about first consulting a specialist. We realised that each ad therefore is actually an ad for the highly qualified professional help that is provided at Medsi.


A well-known legal warning for pharmaceuticals became the centre of the new campaign in all channels. By using it we emphasised that no treatment can truly be effective, if it’s not overseen by competent specialists. Medsi is not about abstract doctors that all pharmaceutical advertising wants us to consult but about those real people who can help you solve your health problems.


  • Head of Marketing Department Maxim Ogorodov
  • Head of Marketing Communications Denis Maltsev
  • Marketing and Business Director Alla Kanunnikova
Possible Group
  • Chief Creative Officer Vlad Sitnikov
  • Creative Director Artem Filimonov
  • Copywriter Yuri Altufiev
  • Art Director Yuri Melnikov
  • Strategy Daniil Petrukhin
  • Account Director Agunda Baeva
  • Senior Account Manager Daria Mansurova