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Easier than cash

TKS Bank launched a new service “Tinkoff Mobile Wallet”, with the help of which the Russian mobile users will be able to transfer money and pay in almost any online stores without any commissions and overpay.


Come up with a campaign to support the new service of TKS-Bank. The slogan: “Stop living in banks!” (*in the Russian language the notions of a bank and a jar are represented by one word “banka”) It was decided to put this slogan literally in the video.


We knew the client’s wish – a simple and intuitive solution.


So we put the characters – an ordinary Russian family – in glass jars.

Despite the absurdity of this situation, there is one logical way out, stated by the slogan: “Stop living in banks!”


Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Copywriter Arthur Mirochnichenko
Tinkoff Credit System
  • Production