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Enjoy the real thing!

Together with KFC we have created VK publications that are synced with TV advertisements.


The new consumer generation has never known a word without internet. Millennials no longer need a TV, they are not afraid of missing a programme, they don’t have to consider sacrificing a videotape from their uncle’s anniversary to record a TV show episode. We must always remember that.


In a minute after a KFC ad was shown on TV, a post appeared in the feeds of VKontakte users. It continued the clip’s theme and encouraged users to “enjoy the real thing”. With a technology similar to that of Shazam we listen to broadcasts on all channels in Russia. Receiving equipment records the broadcast in each region. The technology instantly transforms the received signal into a signature (a digital description of video or sound) which is compared in real time with the TV advertisement base.


According to KFC, in the first few days of the campaign the KFC Russia community got 12 thousand likes and 5 thousand visitors on the VKontakte page. Over 400 users shared the post. During the campaign the overall follower count increased by 500 (with a conversion of 9,4%).



Hungry Boys
  • Account Manager Nastya Veretennikova
  • Head of SMM Maksim Fedorov
  • SMM Producer Artyom Trofimov