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Enter the HuMachine

Kaspersky Lab has created a new approach to data protection. It is based on a symbiosis of human intellect and machine capabilities. HuMachine takes cyber security to a completely new level not only for ordinary users but also for corporate clients.


Big Data? Threat Intelligence? Blockchain? Machine Learning? GReAT? KSN? To understand at least something about any of these topics (which is necessary to understand the new approach) one needs to make a lot of effort, spend a lot of time and fully dive into each topic.


Using modern technology, Kaspersky Lab literally immerses a person into a realistic world of program code and data streams, something that was previously unimaginable. We created the first ever interactive Science Non-Fiction VR Film where a user experiences the life of a program from a single line of code and in the end faces a cyber threat of the global scale.


Possible Group
  • CCO Vlad Sitnikov
  • Creative Director Artem Filimonov
  • Creative Marat Arutyunov
  • Producer Ekaterina Alekseeva
  • Art Director Alexey Komarov
  • Design & Animation Andrey Krasavin, Alexandr Semenov
  • Website Art Director Alexey Fetisov
  • Print Art Director Roman Antonov
  • Video Producer Sergey Anokhin
  • Director of Photography Alexandr Butov
  • Account Drector Agunda Baeva
Raduga Design
  • Tech Pipeline Director Kirill Klochkov
  • Tech Producer Nikita Mosin
  • Developer Pavel Arapov
Sounds Like a Plan
  • Composer Phil Alexandrov
  • Mixing Veniamin Raev