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Follow the ancient secrets

Together with Colgate and FollowMeTo, we launched a large-scale campaign “Follow the Ancient Secrets”.


Announce the launch of a new line of Colgate brand products in Russia and tell consumers about the unique ingredients for the category of oral care.


The Russian FMCG-sector audience is distinguished by an appeal for new and unusual while trusting and often turning to the experience of centuries-old traditions.


The brand decided to focus on the ancient secrets of China and created a line of products that contained sea salt, lotus, aloe, algae, and lemon – the traditional ingredients of Chinese medicine, combining them with modern technology and Colgate knowledge. We developed the theme of ancient Chinese secrets and offered to give each user the opportunity to go to China after the ancient secrets of the new ingredients of the Colgate line. For the role of the travel guide, the founders of the FollowMeTo project Natalia and Murad Osman seemed to be the best fit. It was Natalia who became the face of the campaign “Follow the Ancient Secrets”. The user’s trip to China begins on the site, where they can read a mini-book about themselves as the main character: 5 chapters, 5 ingredients, 5 adventures with Natalia Osman. Each chapter is a search for oneself, a search for an ingredient, a meeting with gurus and sages, and the unfolding of an ancient secret.


  • Marketing Director Maria Veretennikova
  • Director of Innovation in the Category of Oral Care Products Irina Nekhochina
  • Marketing Manager of Oral Care Products Narine Tumanova
  • Senior Marketing Manager of Innovative Products Natalia Mamina
  • Junior Product Marketing Manager Inna Chuvilina
Possible Group
  • Creative Director Maryam Akhunova
  • Creative Amina Suleeva
  • Strategist Maria Vertkina
  • Art Director Evgenia Kuznetsova
  • Designer Anna Trotsina
  • Client Service Director Sergey Rozhnev
  • Account Director Natalia Khorokhorina
  • Account Manager Anna Kanikovskaya
  • Project Manager Alexander Patluh
  • Director Tatiana Gulina
  • Operator Aidar Sharipov
  • Producers Andrei Samsonov, Yulia Samoilova
  • Production Coordinator Vladislav Bordyuzha
  • Editor Yuri Karich
  • Composer Grigiry Khiromoda
  • Project Manager Anastasia Zhuravel
  • Guide Anna Bessmertnaya
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