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Football without women

To support the “male” image of Rexona on the Russian market, R & I and Possible Group developed the “Football without wives” service on the eve of the World Cup 2014.


Everything but football takes a back seat in the life of a real fan when it comes to the big game. You can argue with this, you can refuse to understand this, you can be jealous of this. But there’s nothing you can do about this – such are the rules of the game. Nevertheless, women usually get dramatic and make a scene, so each time men have to explain their behavior. And, “as if on cue”, women need lots of attention during the most important match.


The site offered couples to conclude a contract according to which men could peacefully watch World Cup matches, while women could go on a virtual tour of Rio de Janeiro and participate in the competition trying to win two air tickets to Brazil.

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Possible Group
  • Creative Director Vladimir Garev
  • Creative Denis Bykov
  • Creative Alena Ivanova
  • Creative Victoria Zvonareva
  • Art Director Albert Patrascu
  • Designer Romina Kolpakova
  • Producer Alexey Kosilin
  • Account Director Alexander Sevryukov
  • Account Manager Yana Shostak
  • Video Production
  • Senior Brand Manager Rexona Gurgen Melkonyan
  • Executive Brand Manager Rexona Daria Romadina
  • Idea Alexander Semin
  • Senior PR Manager Anastasia Lander
  • Senior Customer Marketing Manager Elena Shvets
  • Senior Digital Media Manage Anton Afanasyev
  • Senior Print & Traditional Advertising Media Manager Valeriya Mikhailova
  • Senior Media Manager Irina Zernishko
R&I part of RCG
  • PR Director Serafima Gurova
  • Senior Account PR Manager Valery Fedyashova
  • PR Assistant Максим Бондарев
  • Head of Special Projects Maxim Bondarev