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Together with the instalment card «Sovest» (Conscience) we launched a new advertising campaign and made a series of nine videos where heroes share real stories about their friends who didn’t return them the money they’ve borrowed. Some videos are shown on federal and theme-related channels while others were made specifically for the Internet. The campaign is supported by large-scale outdoor advertising in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.


Connect the concept of «conscience» with a specific product – a no-interest instalment card.


People often get into situations when they loan money to their friends and never get it back. In funny stories told by the heroes of the videos anyone can recognise themselves and they serve as a call for all borrowers to get some Conscience.


  • CEO Oleg Ryazhenov-Siems
  • COO Roman Vasilyan
  • Marketing Director Pavel Davidovsky
  • Media & Brand Director Maria Vasserman
  • Brand Manager Yulia Vishnyakova
Possible Group
  • Creative Directors Oleg Palchinsky, Artem Filimonov
  • Creative Mikhail Sinelshchikov, Yuri Altufiev
  • Account Director Alexandr Sevryukov
  • Account Manager Alina Rozhkova
  • Director Sam Washington
  • 1st AD Vladimir Popovichenko
  • DOP Ivan Solomatin
  • 1st AC Boris Polushev
  • 2nd AC Denis Kudryashov
  • Producer Evgenia Anikina
  • Group Director Eduard Sadomov
  • Editing Director Vladimir Boboshin
  • Graphic Supervisor Valentin Generalov
  • Postproduction Producer Asya Bolotina