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Hot Secrets

Together with Dr.Oetker we launched a YouTube cooking show “Hot Secrets”, where well-known chefs and pastry cooks of trendy Moscow cafes shared exclusive details of their recipes.


To increase the engagement rate for Dr.Oetker Russia’s YouTube channel and improve customer loyalty.


Dr.Oetker carried out a survey in its social networks and saw that the audience of the brand was most interested in exclusive recipes and cooking tips for unusual dishes. So we came up with the idea for a YouTube show for Dr.Oetker Russia’s channel where owners and chefs of Moscow cafes and restaurants share their recipes and talk about their experience working in the culinary industry. The first season featured founders of the INJIR cafe, a brand chef of Michele restaurant, a chef of “Kitaiskyi letchik Zhao Zha” (“Chinese pilot Zhao Zha”), a chef of farmer’s restaurant “LavkaLavka”, the owner of Fika and a pastry chef of Favorite Cake.


Possible Group
  • Creative Director Maryam Akhunova
  • Senior Creative Olga Makarenko
  • Account Director Natalia Khorokhorina
  • Account Manager Vladislav Lipatiev
  • Client Service Director Sergei Rojnev
  • Head of Video Production Olga Rostotskaya
  • Producer Olga Nikolich
  • Art Director Evgeniya Kuznetsova
Dr. Oetker
  • Head of Marketing Elina Rumyantseva
  • Brand Manager Olga Duyunova
  • Digital Manager Andrey Zhigalov
69 Films Productions
  • Producers Kirill Zunin, Igor Chernyaev
  • Executive Producer Petr Ryubalka
  • Director Egor Ivanov
  • DoP Yaroslav Golovkin
  • Cameraman Dmitry Kuvaldin
  • Sound Director Artyom Zotkin
  • Camera Mechanic Konstantin Peshenko
  • Gaffer Yuri Leikin
  • 1st AD Maxim Elagin
  • Editor Sima Orekhanov
  • Administrator Igor Maltsev
  • Production Designer Anastasia Markova
  • MUA Nadezhda Zinovieva, Daria Dziuba
  • Stylist Elena Gasanova
  • Food Stylist Pavel Rogozhin
  • Food Stylist Assistant Alex Mint
  • Video Editing Vladimir Kovalev, Denis Furtsev
  • CC Serafim Salnikov
  • Motion Design Deems Faceheads
  • Sound Design Boris Alexandrov