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Ice Battle

Skoda is the annual partner of the Channel One Hockey Cup. An ICE BATTLE online game was launched to honor this event.


ICE BATTLE is an online game for real hockey fans! During the game you need to show your true worth. Want to win? So take a digital-stick and destroy them all! Each day participants tried to break up ice cube with the Channel One Cup inside. Users could try to break the ice with wide range of tools (a stick and a puck, a flame thrower or just a random item). Different tools could do various damage on the cube. The user who made the finishing stroke and destroyed the cube altogether was named the winner. During the shooting on the site we used real fire geared to the cube.  The cube itself was drawn, but in the most realistic manner.


Hungry Boys
  • Account Manager Ekaterina Alon, Elizaveta Akhmetova
  • Producer Viktor Kozlov
  • Creative Arthur Miroshnichenko
  • Designer Khamza Kadyrov