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Together with Ozon and Hype Production we created a series of funny videos starring Dmitry Malikov.


To build and strengthen awareness that has everything you need for your everyday life: electronics and household appliances, food, beauty products, clothes, goods for mothers and children, pet supplies, office supplies and, of course, books.


We often get really upset about small household troubles like a broken cup or coffee spilt on a shirt — but we can fix them very fast with Ozon since we can find anything we need there.


For the advertising campaign we wanted to find a well-known, famous person whose personality and background would fit in well with the brand’s character and could even emphasise it. Ozon is friendly, professional, stylish and with a good sense of humour. We found a good fit in Dmitry Malikov and realized — we can create a very effective collaboration with him. We wrote around 50 different scripts that ended up creating a multi-verse: a world of Dmitry Malikov as a person and Dmitry Malikov as his public image. This world had both real and imaginary family members; both real problems and exaggerated ones (e.g. aliens kidnapping Dmitry and his cat Sonya) — but whether real or imaginary, these problems could all be solved with the help of Ozon.


  • Marketing Director Oleg Dorozhok
  • Head of Marketing Communications Maria Nikolaeva
  • Marketing Communications Manager Ekaterina Savitskaya
  • Head of SMM and Influencer Marketing Lidia Loshmanova
  • Influencer Marketing Manager Ksenia Lyosina
Hungry Boys
  • CCO Vlad Sitnikov
  • Creative Director Artem Filimonov
  • Creative Art Director Alyona Morozova
  • Copywriter Dmitry Losev
  • Art Director Wanslez Quaresma
  • Senior Video Producer Natalia Kasumovich
  • Video Producer Olga Nikolich
  • Senior Account Manager Daria Mansurova
Hype Production
  • Director Bernie Roux
  • Director of Photography Vladislav Opelyants
  • Producer Evgenia Anikina
  • Producer Assistant Maria Emelyanova
  • 1st AD Vova Popovichenko
  • Photographer Alexey Gorbunkov
  • Production Manager Stas Reznikov
  • Production Manager Assistant Timur Garifullin
  • Gaffers Alexander Egorov, Oleg Grinchishin
  • 1st AC and Focus Nikolay Shinkarenko
  • Location Manager Vladimir Kravchenko
  • Casting Director Julia Erokhina
  • Production Design Angelina Terekhova
  • Props Assistant Roman Ovsyannikov
  • SFX Evgeny Sorokin
  • Costume Designer Svetlana Gribanova
  • MUA Daria Fursenko
  • Post-production Producers Anastasia Seridenko, Danila Volkov
  • Edit Anton Mironenkov
  • Color Correction Andrey Mesnyankin
  • Making of Ekaterina Bolovtsova
Tushite Svet
  • Executive Producer Alexander Chernyavsky
  • Production Assistant Anna Sergeeva
Feel Factory