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It’s the people who are changing the country

Together with the Agency of Strategic Initiatives (ASI) we launched a project about heroes who help implement hundreds of projects every day.


To develop and to launch a media platform for the ASI that would contain different multimedia formats such as: short video interviews, long reads etc.


Every day the ASI is working with hundreds of projects, helping them avoid bureaucratic hurdles and implement their ideas — but no one knows about them! That’s why we launched a special media platform where the agency could share stories about the heroes of the project. It contains 20 short video interviews as well as stories about projects and documentation needed to implement the program in your region.


Possible Group
  • Creative Director Maryam Akhunova
  • Creative Yuri Korobov
  • Creative Art Director Alena Morozova
  • Head of Video Production Olga Rostotskaya
  • Senior Video Producer Natalya Kasumovich
  • Senior Account Manager Daria Mansurova
  • Head of Social Projects Alexander Semin
  • Media Project Producer Evgeny Borisov
  • Project Director Denis Lizin
  • Director Max Tomas
  • DoP Alexander Khudokon
  • Producer Alexander Medvedko
  • Manager Mikhail Goglov
  • Post-production Producer Olga Zorina
Nos Studio
  • Video Cut, Color Correction