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Just Order Everything In Utkonos

We made a series of fall TV videos for the Internet hypermarket “Utkonos” where we showed how difficult it can be to return to everyday life after the summer vacation. To make this process easier you can order everything online.


Everything is difficult in autumn: chilly weather, puddles under the feet, endless lines in shops. You have to return to your office after the vacation and go through piles of work. And then you also need to prepare your kids for school, clean your home, bring your parents and a year worth of apples from the countryside… The Internet hypermarket understands that life itself is a very complex thing and offers a solution to at least one part of it: shopping is now easier with just a few clicks.


Интернет-гипермаркет Утконос
  • Marketing Director Paul Criveanu
  • Brand Director Elena Bogdalova
Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Artem Filimonov
  • Associate Creative Director Oleg Palchinsky
  • Creative Ludmila Kulibaba, Yuri Altufiev
  • Designer Igor Smirnov
  • Account Director Inna Kovalyova
  • Account Manager Sophia Simakina
  • Producer Sergey Anokhin
  • Junior Producer Evgenia Egorova
Simply Good Production
  • Director Gleb Orlov
  • DOP Evgeny Ermolenko
  • Producers Timofey Butin, Andrei Trukov
  • 1st AD Alesya Kazantseva
  • Set Decorator Nikolay Rastimeshin
  • Composer Philipp Alexandrov