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Only matters how you drive

We created an advertising campaign for the first ever online insurance agency in Russia – Mafin. In our video we do not use ad cliches but focus on being honest: Mafin doesn’t care who their clients are in their everyday lives – heavy metal fans, robbers or kindest grandpas. The most important is who they are when they are driving.


Create an advertising campaign for KASKO package sold by Mafin – an online platform for personal insurance services.


We are different in our driving and in our everyday lives. Mafin doesn’t care who their clients are in their everyday lives. The most important for the brand is how their clients drive. We created a series of videos to show this. These videos also talk about specific insurance services that are included in the cost of KASKO as provided by Mafin and other online and offline formats of insurance.


  • Marketing Director Victoria Alemanova
  • Head of Marketing Communications Ekaterina Usacheva
  • Creative Director Artem Ionov
Possible Group
  • CCO Vlad Sitnikov
  • Creative Director Artem Filimonov
  • Strategist Anna Topkova
  • Creative Mikhail Sinelshchikov, Nicole Antonyan, Yuri Altufiev, Daria Rukoyatkina
  • Art Direction Fedor Nozdrin, Igor Smirnov, Andrey Egorov-Orletinov
  • Motion-design Andrey Geraskin, Tatiana Simonenko
  • Account Director Anastasia Gorshkova
  • Account Manager Angelina Vatlina
  • Producer Liudmila Potapova
Bureau «Working Title»
  • General Producer Igor Sayfullin
  • Producer Veronika Monogarova
  • Director Evgeny Gozheyshy
  • Director of Photography Nikita Gorodnichenko
  • Art Director Alexey Garikovich
  • Creative Director Vladimir Lifanov
  • Designer Evgenia Maksimova