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Making dreams come true

Together with M.Video we made a video for the upcoming New Year’s holidays. The video focused on the idea of a simple story about small miracles that could happen in any family.


To create a traditional New Year’s video for M.Video for everyone who loves technology and the atmosphere of these holidays.


You can buy a gift, but you need to believe in fairytales, create them, make them real – this is what we wanted to remind our viewers in this video.


  • Marketing Communications Manager Daria Spasennykh
Possible Group
  • Creative Director Maryam Akhunova
  • Creative Art Director Artem Zykin
  • Senior Creative Olga Makarenko
  • Creative Lyudmila Kulibaba
  • Account Director Alexandra Ivanova
  • Account Manager Olga Storchilova
  • Head of Production Olga Rostotskaya
  • Producer Natalia Kasumovich
Focus Film Moscow
  • Director Murad Nogmov
  • 1st AD Artem Larin
  • Producer Ekaterina Zhavoronkova
  • Producer Assistant Olga Sherlygina