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Mom’s daughters

Young audience spend much time on social networks, but rarely communicate with their parents. Parents do not use social networks Vkontakte and Facebook, but it ‘s interesting for them to be aware of their children’s lives. Young girls are afraid to add parents to friends, and parents find it difficult to understand some unfamiliar interface.


To tell the women on the Internet about the new Lumene Time Freeze product line, which makes thousands of women feel younger.


“I want to communicate with my daughter on an equal ground and look like her older friend”.


Lumene blurs the age border and allows women to become friends with their daughters on their favorite social networks!

The “Mom’s daughters” app, which helped women to talk the same language with their daughters. Now moms, preferring Odnoklassniki, and their daughters, wasting hours on Vkontakte and Facebook, can add each other to friends without any additional registration!


Hungry Boys
  • Creative Ksenia Apresian, Konstantin Kuprianov
  • Account Manager Marina Smirnova
  • Producer Viktor Kozlov
  • Copywriter Natalia Varguleva
  • Art Direction Sergey Andronov
  • Illustrator Fil Dunskiy
  • Senior Brand Manager Alyona Surinovich
  • Junior Brand Manager Svetlana Vorobieva