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New UAZ Patriot

Special for Sollers automobile holding, we have created a 360-campaign that includes a series of visual materials in support of the renewed UAZ Patriot.


To tell about a new brand identity of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, to introduce the renewed model of the Russian Patriot SUV, to attract a new audience.


26 short videos were placed on a specially designed promo-site. They described all the main advantages of the new car. In our campaign, we concentrated on the visual presentation of the product in TV commercials and outdoor advertising, as well as detailed analysis of all technical updates.


  • Creative Director Vladimir Garev
  • Art Director Ekaterina Tkachenko
  • Account Director Vadim Stolberg
  • Project Manager Dmitry Kuznetsov
  • Photo Alexey Kudryavtsev
  • Video Designer Sergey Yumakov
Sollers (UAZ)
  • Marketing Director Andrey Yarmolchuk
  • Product Manager Artem Fanyan
  • ATL Manager Pauline Langbourt
  • Digital Communications Manager Roman Snegirev
  • Director Maksim Kuzmin
  • General Producer Asya Kotelnikova
  • Executive Producer Olga Rostotskaya
  • Cameraman Artem Zamashnoy
  • Composer Darin Sysoev
  • Sound Design Ilya Chicherin
  • Color Correction Evgeny Gvozdev