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Together with Pandao, an Internet shop, we launched a new advertising campaign that includes two videos for digital and TV.


Increase awareness about Pandao, a young brand, by making a campaign that will be successful both on TV and online.


In the world where corporations offer a lot of money for things that are very typical, low prices can be truly surprising. And surprising a modern person who’s used to Hollywood blockbusters is not a very easy task. That’s why the plot of the videos is built on the inconsistency between the reaction of the heroes and the fantastic situations they end up in – low prices on Pandao can make a stronger impression than an alien invasion or seeing a bear in the forest.

Team Group
  • CEO in «Pandao» Andrey Tsytsenko
  • Project Manager Ruslan Gafurov
  • Head of Marketing Ivan Vorobiev
  • Creative Director Alexandr Astakhov
Possible Group
  • Creative Directors Artem Filimonov, Oleg Palchinsky
  • Creative Yuri Altufiev, Mikhail Sinelshchikov, Alfiya Khafizova, Roman Vydashenko
  • Head of Production Alexey Nikolaev
  • Producer Sergey Anokhin
  • Account Manager Alina Rozhkova
Simply Good Production
  • Director Yaroslav Peger
  • 1st AD Denis Sokolov
  • Producer Timofey Butin
  • Operator Bek Khamraev
  • Art Director Raisa Zaslav