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Pandao: zombie-family and a secret floor

A new series of our crazy videos for Internet shop Pandao, with zombies, dwarves and giants.


The more unbelievable the situation we are in, the more surprised we are… Of course, not! Even the most outlandish events will attract our attention only for a fraction of second if we are constantly surprised by something in our everyday lives.


To convey the surprise at incredibly low prices at Pandao we’ve created shocking and unrealistic videos that capture viewers’ attention until the very end. Nothing, not even a Zombie Apocalypse starting in the next block, or a chance visit into a lair of a secret order, can distract a person from a good bargain purchase. In short 6-second videos we also shifted the focus to the most unusual characters that Pandao also does not leave feeling indifferent.


  • CEO Pandao Andrey Tsytsenko
  • Pandao Project Manager Ruslan Gafurov
  • Pandao Head of Marketing Ivan Vorobiev
  • Creative Director Group Aleksandr Astakhov
Hungry Boys
  • CCO Vlad Sitnikov
  • Creative Director Artem Filimonov
  • Copywriters Marat Arutyunov, Yuri Altufiev, Roman Vydashenko
  • Producer Aleksey Nikolaev
  • Account Manager Alina Rozhkova
Bureau «Working title»
  • Director Evgeniy Gozheyshiy
  • Producer Elena Vlasova
  • Line Producer Veronika Monogarova
  • Operator Nikita Gorodnichenko
  • 1st AD Anastasiya Shirina
  • Art Director Tatyana Kan
  • Props Elena Grakhova
  • Artists of Plastic Makeup Yuri Zhukov, Maksim Isachenko
  • Stilist Elena Galybina
  • Principal Vadim Ignatenkov
  • Montage Anatoly Konoplin
  • CG Samvel Putikyan
  • Composer / Sound Effects Iskander Erimbetov