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Perekrestok Together

Together with the Suprematika agency we completely overhauled the branding of Perekrestok. A separate block included a change to an internal HR brand “Perekrestok Together” where we created a new mascot and developed fresh visual stylistics, consistent with master brand’s style.

«While we were working on rebranding, we decided to also focus on an internal HR brand and primarily on its mascot. We came up with a new, energetic, lively and fun character – a green Perek. The character’s appearance is similar to Perekrestok’s logo: an upper petal was turned into a head, the ones on the side – into arms, and the lower ones – into the mascot’s body. In addition, our character can change and portray specific employees. We also created posters and graphics that went well together with the character», — says Vova Lifanov, a co-owner of Suprematika agency.

We also developed a series of illustrations and templates for in-store materials.

«After working together for several years we understand the client better. It helped us to start work on rebranding which is an extremely important task. Developing a special HR-brand’s style is just a part of a large-scale rebranding project. We are hoping that this new stylistics will continue to strengthen the new values of the company and attract highly qualified professionals», — Daria Mansurova, a senior account manager at POSSIBLE.