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Pride is in our nature

Today one of the main directions of WWF activity in Russia is the restoration of the Asiatic leopards’ population in the Caucasus. Some time ago this animal was widely spread all over the region and, in particular, in the mountains. In late 19th – early 20th centuries people started hunting for the leopard. And by 1950s there have been left only several individual species of the animal that occasionally wander into the region from Iran.

The only way to return the leopards to the Russian Caucasus is to reintroduce them. This is how biologists call a labour-intense and extremely expensive process to recreate the population that has gone completely extinct in its natural habitat.

Currently thanks to the investments from the Russian business the region has 3 Asiatic leopards. And private investment is needed to further restore the population.


Use outdoor advertising to tell the citizens of the Caucasian republics about the process of reintroduction of the Asiatic leopard into its natural habitat and to attract potential investors and funds in order to restore the animal’s population.


The solution was to show that this rare species is an inseparable part of Caucasian nature and that it is something that the locals can be proud of and that it can also attract more tourists to the region.


  • Bela Yanibekova
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