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See the Future through Our Eyes

Digital Marketing Conference is a trend conference that needed an on-trend website. A single page website is what’s in now since long reads are cumbersome, an old paradigm. There’s just so much information that it’s impossible to spend a lot of time on a website: scrolling is boring! That’s why we created the first ever VR website that you can view in VR glasses or a Google cardboard.


To reimagine the conference website without changing its already existing style.


We decided against creating a typical landing page or an ordinary website and wanted to make a website that would contain all the information on one page. And that’s how we got the idea to build a 360 website that will have both mobile and VR versions. The main page is also the menu and the navigation bar for the whole website. Background music on all devices and an ability to regulate this process also helped users dive into the virtual reality.


We managed to create the first ever website in the Russian marketing industry that supported 360 and VR viewing. We had almost 14k views, 80% of them unique users. Average session time was 5 minutes. The website went viral and became a part of an image of DMC, helping it reflect actual trends.

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Possible Group
  • CCO Vlad Sitnikov
  • Art Director Igor Smirnov
  • Motion Designer Andrey Gerskin
  • Head of Digital Production Sergey Mikhaltsov
  • Senior Digital Producer Ksenia Boyarkina
  • IT Director Dmitry Mikhailov
Digital Marketing Conference
  • General Producer Valeria Nyukhalova
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