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Small dogs – big personalities

Together with pet food brand Hill’s we’ve launched a nice and kind project about dog-GPs. It consisted of three videos made together with zoo-psychologist and pet-GP Nika Mogilevskaya.


A popular opinion in Russia is that small dogs cannot learn anything, and that’s why they are rarely taken seriously.


In our videos we wanted to share several real stories where small dogs play big parts in people’s lives, helping them fight deceases and even teach children how to read. Aside from that, Hill’s has launched a competition in social networks: its participants posted photos with hashtags #bolshielichnosti (#bigpersonalities) and shared stories about their small pets who helped them or their close ones. Winners of the competition got three months worth of pet food Hill’s Sciene Plan Small&Miniature.


  • Marketing Director Alina Emirova
  • Brand Manager Oksana Artemieva
  • Creative Director Maryam Akhunova
  • Creative Yuri Korobov
  • Strategist Pavel Katkov
  • Client Service Director Sergey Rozhnev
  • Account Director Natalia Khorokhorina
  • Junior Account Manager Anna Smal
  • Art Director Evgenia Kuznetsova
  • Designer Anna Trotsina