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Everything’s OK When We Are Together!

The new video that we shot for the OK social network is a true anthem to youth, communication and comfort. These are exact words that characterize the updated social network’s application created for the most convenient interaction possible.


At home and on the road, in the countryside and at the party everything is getting way better when you are together with your friends and dear people.


Now it is easier to stay in touch with the dearest and nearest: the ultra-stylish and convenient application is just a touch separating you from new emotions and impressions.

The catchy OK Go soundtrack was written by a composer Nikita Yakimov specially for the video. Also, it is necessary to note that you can find advertising industry stars among the actors including some of the creators of the video.


Shooting duration – 1380 minutes
Number of auditions’ participants – 245
Size of the shooting team – 42 people
Amount of pizzas eaten – 15 boxes
Amount of hot dogs eaten – 25
Number of shooting locations – 8
Highest shooting point – 24th floor of the office
Most unusual shooting location – Kyiv railway station depot
And the most deserted and isolated shooting location – forest 40 minutes away from Moscow
The most difficult shooting location – gas station (more than 20 takes)
The most heroic act – soundtrack composing for one night right after the shooting day by one of the actors



Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Creative Sami Shirkhan, Arthur Miroshnichenko
  • Account Director Agunda Baeva
  • Producer Tatiana Chepko
Simply Good Production
  • Producer Andrey Trukov
  • Director Alexander Starostin
  • Marketing Manager Olga Rogova
  • Digital Producer Alyona Stepanova
  • Art Director Evgeniy Nepomniashiy
  • Head of Marketing and PR Department Arsen Israpilov