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Inspired by the new

Together with Rich we launched the rebranding of all communications with a large-scale advertising campaign with Create your Rich moment as a slogan. It was a 360 campaign – ATL, Trade, Digital, PR.


To keep up with the new values of the audience and to continue setting a development direction for the whole category, in 2020 Rich launched an update of its communication and visual style. The foundation of the platform was the idea of self-improvement, growth and time alone with yourself that is so important for the audience of perfectionists and experimentalists.


As part of the campaign we launched a special project on together with an artist Monika Dubinkaite, a 3D artist and illustrator Varya Schuka and a songwriter and musician Kostia Pohvalin (Poco Cox). Authors of the Rich special project “Inspired by the New” created an unusual art object – a digital triptych devoted to their favourite hobbies. It was inspired by the elements of the new packaging and its aim was to communicate the idea of the perfect moment alone with your hobby. In the video the heroine explored the new Rich packaging, going from one letter of the logo to another, following an orange that led her to the moment alone with herself, enjoying the taste of Rich. On the Oktyabr cinema media facade the video transformed – there the exploration of each letter was done simultaneously, and the letters shaped the brand’s logo.


  • Marketing Manager Tatyana Esipova
  • IMC Manager Anna Reymonte
  • Creative Excellence Manager Maria Petrenko
  • Digital Manager Tigran Antonyan
  • Brand Manager Inna Ten
Hungry Boys
  • Creative Group Head Svetlana Trifonenkova
  • Creative Yana Kamenka
  • Art Director Evgenia Kuznetsova
  • Designer Anna Trotsina
  • Motion designer Nikita Ivanov
  • Client Service Director Sergey Rozhnev
  • Account Director Natalia Khorokhorina
  • Account Manager Yulia Mazurina
  • Head of Strategy Anna Topkova
  • Strategist Natela Tsaava
  • Production Director Olga Rostotskaya
  • Producer Olga Nikolich
  • Director Gina Onegina
  • DoP Egor Protskó
  • Set design Nastya Bezrukova
  • Wardrobe Viktoria Gogh
  • Art director Anastasiya Ibragimova
  • 1st AD Nikita Mironov
  • Edit Roman Geygert
  • Casting Ilya Vershinin
  • CG Carbon Core
  • Color Nikolay Vavilov
  • Music Yan Pavelchuk
  • Voice Mariana Spivak
  • Producer Dmitry Bocharov
  • Post production producer Olga Zorina
  • Assistant producer Sonya Kabanova
FleishmanHillard Vanguard
  • Vice President Yana Tolkachenko
  • Senior Account Manager Olesya Stakova
  • Business Director Valeria Kuznetsova
  • Senior Media Planner Gayane Chitchan
  • Strategic Group Head Gayane Chitchan
  • Digital Group Head Andrey Vorontsov
  • Senior Digital Planner Anastasia Levitman
  • Digital Planner Tatiana Markina
  • Media Beyond Advertising Group Head Dania Azymova
  • SMM-manager Oksana Ivanova
  • Chief Editor Yulia Vydolyb
  • Art Director Sergey Patsyuk
  • Author Zoya Molchanova
  • Photograph Alisa Polozova
  • Director Inna Zharkova
  • Project Manager Katya Bregeda
  • Producer Nastya Milovanova
  • Producer Inna Zharkova
  • Producer Sveta Pavlova