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KFC Football


Involve existing followers of the KFC Football group,  in the annual championship KFC on mini-football.


We decided to engage followers not only in the life of the championship KFC, but in the life of the entire world of football. Thus was created the content strategy, positioning KFC Football team, not only as the mouthpiece of the championship, but also as a source of relevant information about football worldwide.


Creation and development of brand platforms: – Work with the community – Carrying out of competitions and promotions – Content strategy relevant CA – Interaction with followers 24/7 in support groups – Active involvement of the players in the user-community life – Additional activated by the ambassadors of the tournament, the official anthem of championship – The regional segmentation of content


During the period from February to March 2015:
The increase of the ER of society 2.5 times by 2.5 times
Reaching more than 210,000 community members


Hungry Boys
  • Creative director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Head of SMM Vladimir Azizov
  • Project Supervisor George Sukhorukov
  • Content Maksim Fedorov
  • Account director Lubov Chubataya