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The Driving Force

Together with Gazprom Neft we launched a new advertising campaign for G-Drive. This campaign is our third one together.


To increase awareness of G-Drive fuel as one of the higher quality Russian products, while maintaining the tone of voice and spirit of the brand.


The heroine of the new advertising campaign is a figure skating athlete – Elizaveta Tuktamysheva. The video tells her story and showcases her strong character: difficult recovery after an injury, monotonous repetition of the same element; we show the ups and downs, the falls, the difficult training, but most importantly, the daily life that is as important as all the victories. The path that helps each of us build up our internal energy to be able to win on day X. The athlete’s will to win becomes the very “driving force” that encourages us to not give up and fills us with energy along the way. G-Drive fuel helps achieve our goals, ensuring the high quality and safety of the product.


  • Account Director Ira Krasovskaya
  • Account Manager Sveta Ivanilova
  • Chief Creative Officer Maryam Akhunova
  • Creative Director Vyacheslav Evseev
  • Creative Copywriter Lada Latysheva
  • Creative Group Head Alyona Morozova
  • Strategy Director Anna Levant
  • Senior Strategist Darya Grineva
  • Chief New Business Officer Vladimir Garev
  • New Business Director Vadim Stolberg
  • Head of Video & Digital Production Olga Rostotskaya
  • Senior Video Producer Elena Egorova
  • Junior Video Producer Anna Baranova
  • Art Director Igor Smirnov
  • Designer Aleksandra Yatsenko
  • Designer Aleksandra Proskurina
  • Designer Aleksandra Vasilkova
  • Stage Director Filipp Yuryev
  • Director of Photography Denis Firstov
  • Second Unit Operator Igor Kiselev
  • Production Designer Sasha Nikiforova
  • Props Assistant Sasha Lebedev
  • Costume Designer Anna Kudevich, Boris Kukolkin
  • Choreographer Maria Kuleshova
  • Second Director Mina Khlechan
  • General Producer Ekaterina Zhavoronkova
  • Line Producer Maria Mikhnevich
  • Director Mikhail Lastovetsky
  • Post production Producer Tatiana Ivanova
  • Film editor Kirill Khandurin
  • Composer, sound design Maksim Kuzhichenkov
  • Graphics studio TBQ
  • Color correction Timofey Goloborodko
  • Head of Marketing Department Ivanov Ilya
  • Head of Consumer and Industrial Marketing Kamyshova Alisa
  • Head of Consumer Brand Promotion Bokuchava Nino
  • Head of Advertising Communication Sokolovskaya Elena
  • Head of Marketing Department Belyakova Yana
  • Head of Development Management and Brand Control Suvorova Irina
  • Head of Advertising and Digital Marketing Papirina Marina
  • Head of Media Communications Mikhel Anna
  • Head of Consumer Communication Morkovin Dmitry
  • Head of Sponsorship Department Uzinsky Aleksey