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Tinkoff Airlines —successful intrigue

Our task was to create mass intrigue and buzz around the launch of the new product.


Having designed a new card, bank Tinkoff has outdone all existing programs, so it was clear that we need a revolution. We had to perform the same punching above one’s weight.


To promote a new card as a new airline. On April 11, Tinkoff Airlines presentation gathered the elite of the Russian business, the next day, the video “All airlines. One card” appeared on the Internet. On April 22, it was shown on the federal television. The campaign itself had been launched a month before the new product was presented, and all this time the agency managed to keep the intrigue. On April 1, a teaser campaign was launched – “Tinkoff Airlines: Soon” boards were placed all over Moscow.

Tinkoff All Airlines card gives the opportunity to earn miles and exchange them for tickets of any airline without restrictions. Therefore, the agency decided to use the image of flight attendants, whose workwear was supposed to resemble the work clothes of the most popular existing airlines. It also came up with the slogan “All airlines. One Card”. A good surprise for us was that Oleg Tinkov decided to take part in the promo video. It surely increased the chances of success. Today we can say that the campaign was absolutely high-flying.


The effect has exceeded expectations. Rumors have spread on the Internet and beyond. The idea worked out. The teaser also proved to be successful.

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Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Copywriter Artur Miroshnichenko
  • Head of Design Nazir Khasavov
  • Producer Tatiana Chepko
  • Account Manager Elizaveta Akhmetova
  • PR Manager Alena Shakirova
Просто Хороший Продакшен
  • Producer Andrey Trukov