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The Most Hated Sound

Together with an online insurance agency Mafin we continued a campaign “Who you are when you’re driving” and launched a new video with a familiar hero — the lead singer of a fictional metal band “Torf”.


Create a video that will support the main idea of the campaign “Only matters how you drive”.


In the video we show a fictional radio show. The guest today is our lead singer from “Torf”. In a short interview this death metal player shares that one of his darkest records was inspired by… the sound of an unfastened seat belt. That’s how we reveal the main idea of the campaign and build the connection with other videos, emphasising once again that you have to be a responsible driver no matter who you are in your everyday life — even the lead singer of “Torf”. We wanted the listeners to think in the beginning that it was an actual show rather than just an ad — that’s why we invited a real radio host — Sergey “Hobbit” Kormilitsyn — which helped us create the perception of a real show that just accidentally ended up being in between other ads.


Possible Group
  • Creative Director Artem Filimonov
  • Copywriter Dmitriy Losev
  • Account Director Anastasia Vasilieva
  • Account Manager Angelina Vatlina