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Time to call a spade a spade!

A commercial for Tinkoff Credit Systems, released within a new strategic communication platform.


The objective for our strategists was to find some unique territory, and for the creative team – to put it into the right images and words. So it was decided to communicate all the possible benefits of the bank just in one video.


Calling a spade a spade doesn’t mean only being personally responsible for every word, but also being honest and transparent.

“As for me, it is a good example of the interaction between a strategy and an idea, because in this particular case the idea of the campaign was found only owing to the strategic insight: Tinkoff Credit Systems is the only domestic bank whose title includes the founder’s name. This gave us grounds for thought, so we came up with the idea of proper names” – says the project creator Arthur Miroshnichenko.


Hungry Boys
  • Copywriter Artur Miroshnichenko
  • Copywriter Galina Belozerova
  • Account Manager Elizaveta Akhmetova
  • Producer Tatiana Chepko
ТКС Банк
  • Founder Oleg Tinkov
  • Style Director Vasiliy Akyul
  • Development Director Artem Yamanov