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It’s easier to start feeling better than remember the name

For Solopharm, a pharmaceutical company, and its antiviral medicine Trekrezan we have launched a campaign «It’s easier to start feeling better than to remember the name». The central element is the video that has appeared in digital and on TV in Moscow and other cities with a population over one million.


Most antiviral medicines have difficult names that are hard to remember especially when you’re already standing in the pharmacy. Trekrezan is not an exception.


In the campaign «It’s easier to start feeling better than to remember the name» we show Trekrezan’s effectiveness. Heroes of the video are so quick to get better that they find it difficult to remember the name of the medicine. During the whole video we mention Trekrezan so many times that viewers are unlikely to forget it and its name.


Possible Group
  • Creative Director Artem Filimonov
  • Creative Lyudmila Kulibaba, Mikhail Sinelshchikov, Yuri Altufiev
  • Head of Strategy Dmitry Voskresensky
  • Client Service Director Alexandr Sevryukov
  • Account Manager Margarita Mikheeva
  • Producer Sergey Anokhin
  • Director Ilya Smolin
  • 1st AD Andrey Tomashevsky
  • Producers Mikhail Denn, Evgeniy Sinyaev
  • DOP Alexey Kupriyanov
  • Art Director Nikolai Kireev