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Tuborg #watwasdat

Specifically for Tuborg Non Alcoholic, Grape launched an advertising campaign aimed at an ironic and intelligent user who doesn’t fall for advertising.


To launch a non-alcoholic Tuborg beer, it was necessary to adapt an ironic and absurd campaign consisting of 9 viral videos of the Belgian agency. Instead of the standard procedure of translation and spreading of commercials, we conducted a full-fledged digital campaign on social networks, a special project with bloggers, celebrities and a telegram-bot.


Trying to convey the meaning of the original video clips to the Russian audience and devise a legend, we came to the conclusion: most often commercials do not explain anything to anyone. On the contrary, they generate questions: What did they mean? Is this a sort of advertising? Wat was dat?


The # WATWASDAT campaign is very different from the usual adaptation genre – primarily because the center of this advertising communication is the Internet. Therefore, the agency had to take into account such interactive environment trends as a fragmented perception, “one-bite” communication, work with video formats, mobile messengers, video bloggers. But the most important is the “de-ideologized communication,” that is, a purposive absence of clear-cut messages and slogans. We have released a number of videos with # WATWASDAT hashtag. Videos were voiced by the stars of Runet, Volodarsky (Володарский), Siyenduk (Сыендук) and others among them. For one of the videos (where the dogs promise a treasure placed at particular coordinates), we buried a very strange prize in the ridiculous lake one can imagine, its depth being 5 centimeters. In another video, viewers were asked to leave the address in the comments so that we could send them advertisement. To do this, we came up with a sticker pack that consists of movie heroes and sent it to anyone who would like to have one, at the same time adding a set of stickers to Telegram. Then we created social network accounts in the style of Huffington post Weird news and Shapito Medusa, proving that strange things are not born by imagination of advertisers – they happen all the time, here and now. We chose the media whose title and tone ideally fitted our campaign, – WOS, known also as The guys decided that they would make their version of the videos, and they did well! Other relevant media made out the nature of viral advertising with the help of our videos, we also invented all kinds of tests related to their storyline. Bloggers offered their own vision of # WATWASDAT, and the guys from CLICK CLAK made a full-fledged show with the participation of offline celebrities. Finally, we created an ultra-advertising bot on Telegram that communicates with the help of voice (and is generally quite vulnerable).


  • 3.5 million
  • more than 20 000
  • more than 4.5 thousand

Awards (2)


  • Creative Director Maryam Akhunova
  • Creative Yuri Korobov
  • Strategic Manager Maria Prigodina
  • Social Media Director Elizaveta Proskurina
  • Social Media Manager Diana Povolotskaya
  • Account Director Vadim Stolberg
  • Account Manager Natalia Muraveva
  • Producer Dmitry Kuznetsov
  • Brand Manager Tuborg Natalia Cherkasova
  • Junior Brand Manager Tuborg Olga Ustavshchikova
  • Media Manager Marina Safonova
  • Client Service Director Sergey Efimov
  • Senior Digital Manager Marina Mayevskaya
  • Digital Manager Evgenia Sashchenko