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“Philips TV and the city” posted an interactive map that allows you to see lots of the smallest details of capital’s architecture and landscape.


To elaborate the idea of digital activation, therefore to draw attention to Philips Smart TV.


With its excellent image quality and frameless screen it is difficult to distinguish Philips TV from reality.


The bigger picture is an absorbing quest that makes users search for Philips TVs in the urban environment. Moscow panorama in the ultra-high HD resolution draws attention to the top-quality image of Philips TV. We have shot a large-scale panorama of the Moscow City where 22 Philips TVs are hidden. The shooting has lasted for 9 hours and taken place on the roof of “Zolotoye Koltso” hotel at a height of 80 meters. More than 10 000 shots were required to get two 180-degree panoramas. Eventually we achieved focal length of about 1000 mm. Competition “Walking around a panorama” – TVs could be found from 30 May to 19 June 22. Each participant could get a clue about the whereabouts of a TV by sharing information about the app on social networks. Also, there were various hints that could significantly facilitate the process of searching for TVs – they were disguised as billboards, street signs and signboards. A hint was displayed in the form of an arrow pointing in the direction of the hidden prize, so the search area is narrowed. One of Philips TVs (Philips 42″) appeared on the panorama every day, so its location didn’t change during the day. Besides, there was the image of a moving TV (superprize – Philips 46″ DesignLine 46PDL8908S / 60), the location of which changed and no hints were given.


Hungry Boys
  • Creative Team Konstantin Kupriyanov, Ksenia Apresyan
  • Art Director Agunda Baeva
  • Head of Production
 Alexey Nikolaev
  • Producer Evgeny Kuzmin
  • Photographer Sergey Markovski
TP Vision (Philips)
  • Online Manager Vladislav Frolov
  • Senior Marketing Manager Julia Kordun
  • Marketing Director Irina Bartlett