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Who is expecting a gift from you?

Together with “Lenta” we launched a series of videos dedicated to the upcoming gender holidays: February, 23 and March, 8.


Inform consumers that they will get more bonuses and presents from the shop if they do their shopping for February, 23 and March, 8 in “Lenta”.


Heroes of our videos are looking for gifts for their loved ones for the gender holidays. They know they can get additional bonuses at “Lenta” so they decide to buy gifts there for everyone — and even people they don’t know very well.


  • Brand Director Julia Zaripova
  • Senior Communications Manager Evgenia Smirnova
  • Art Director Anastasia Alekna
Possible Group
  • Creative Director Oleg Palchinsky
  • Senior Copywriter Anton Kotovsky
  • Art Director Petr Lebedev
  • Account Director Agunda Baeva
  • Account Manager Ekaterina Zharkova
  • Head of Video Production Olga Rostotskaya
  • Producer Julia Lartseva
  • Director Evgeny Nikitin
  • DoP David Khaiznikov
  • 1st AD Daria Kostyuchenko
  • Executive Producers Ekaterina Sutormina, Semyon Zakruzhnyy
  • Producer Daria Gusarova
  • Production Manager Vlad Derebasko
  • Production Designer Alexey Garikovich
  • Production Designer Assistant Ilya Kudryavtsev
  • Prop Master Roman Fenin
  • Costume Designer / Stylist Anna Guseva
  • MUA Daria Fursenko
  • Casting Victoria May
  • Locations Victoria Vorontsova, Maria Motorina
  • Focus Magdy Sayed
  • Lighting Technician Evgeny Shatohin
  • Video Editing Alexander Dalakyan
  • Post Production Manager Irina Korkunova
  • Music Alexander Boyarkov
  • Sound Designer Stanislav Paushev
  • CC Timur Goloborodko