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Wokker Story

Another creative idea for our client – Wokker noodle cafe chain – also turned out to be very successful!
Several funny 10-second videos with breathtaking magical effects have become the result of our project.


There is no insight in this message in the traditional understanding. To be more precise, it is laid in the product. People have heard about Wokker and they know that it is modern and convenient food. Our goal was to make people aware of this fact via some online tools.


The problem was not a piece of cake. We needed to create an advertisement for a brand which doesn`t use traditional channels of communication.


We decided not to sell an obsessive message «Just buy Wokker», we created an idea about a boy who loves Wokker sincerely. Moreover, we added some magic to this story, using short video tricks, which are so popular on Instagram, Vine and other social nets now.


Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Creator Konstantin Kuprianov
  • Creator Arseniy Vorflomeev
  • Director Arthur Miroshnichenko
  • Producer Tatiaana Chepko
  • Account Manager Liubov Chubataya
  • Motion Design Max Malakhov
  • Founder Alexei Gisak