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Together with KESPA, we came up with a way to teach English to gamers and launched first in-game language courses.
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Russia has a huge audience of gamers playing online games. Most of them do not speak the language at a level sufficient for normal coordination of actions in games with partners. Due to misunderstandings in communication, Russian-speaking players are considered to be among the most toxic in the world.

Idea and implementation:

English at Skillbox is a language course that is built according to KESPA’s own methodology – "How To Say It In English". It is based on articulatory and muscle memory, pushing students to learn simple speech structures and active dialogue with the teacher.

We wanted to convey to gamers that the English language can be useful for them them in their hobby. Thus, helping the brand reach a completely new audience. The goal was also to convey to a wider audience the features of the methodology and the innovative approach of the company. The best platform for this was the Twitch streaming platform.

We launched the first in-game language courses from Skillbox.

Just ask “How To Say It In English?” and our teacher will help you. Right in the middle of a game.

We collaborated with popular Twitch streamers (who also spoke bad English) to promote the course. While they were playing their favourite games, they also had Skillbox teachers in the same audio chat in Discord. Every time a gamer wanted to say something to his English-speaking partner, he asked the teacher and then used the phrase. In-between rounds, they discussed the student's mistakes.

We also opened enrollment for these courses for everyone, and talked about it during these streams.


The course was sold out instantly

<1,5 mln

reach on Twitch and in the earned media, in classic media and across Telegram channels