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We got the Turkish TV star Akın Akınözü. And put him on a horse.


    In 2021-2022, millions of viewers all over Russia started going crazy over Turkish TV shows and, of course, became fans of the main characters. ivi has the largest library of Turkish TV series – and their number is constantly growing. To tell the fans about it, ivi invited Akın Akınözü to be the face of the new campaign.


    When Marina couldn’t find a TV show to watch… Akın Akınözü himself galloped up to her. Of course, she is shocked, she is delighted and literally cannot take her eyes off him, a completely understandable reaction for a true fan of Turkish TV shows. Then the girl nevertheless comes out of her stupor, and realizes that the solution to her problem is extremely simple and is not that expensive – she can just buy an Easy ivi mobile subscription for 99 rubles.